Scaling & Polishing / Oral Prophylaxis (Teeth Cleaning)

What is scaling ?

Scaling is a procedure by which plaque, calculus and stains are removed from tooth surfaces. Calculus and plaque deposits may be both above and below gum margins.

Why should scaling be done ?

The main objective of scaling is to restore gum health by completely removing irritants like calculus and plaque from tooth surface that usually starts gum inflammation (gingivitis).

Who all can benefit from scaling?

Almost everyone who is not maintaining oral hygiene in a proper way can be benefited  by scaling because plaque and calculus deposits are the main villains of the gum disease.

What techniques are involved?

Scaling can be done either manually or with a ultrasonic scaling instrument. Ultrasonic instrument is particularly useful in removing heavy and difficult to remove deposits.

Is scaling safe?

Dentist’s skill is most important. If used in a proper manner without jeopardizing the tooth and other structures like mucosa and gum scaling is safe.

How frequently is scaling required?

According to WHO recommendation scaling should be done twice a year.

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