About K. B. Dental Clinic

This clinic is equipped with all the latest treatment facilities. We have an internet link to facilitate discussion of cases with specialists abroad, if required. The team of doctors and staff working here are highly qualified and dedicated. We maintain computerized records of all patients facilitating easy access to complete patient information.

The staffs working here undergo periodic training programs to update their knowledge concerning advances in the field of dentistry and allied sciences.

Here we believe in the motto that quality is never an accident. It requires meticulous planning, perseverance and years of experience.

  1. QUALITY ASSURANCE - Quality speaks for itself at our centre. No compromise is made on quality, hygiene and sterilization in this era of highly infectious diseases like AIDS-HIV, hepatitis etc.
  2. ECOLOGICALLY FRIENDLY (Bio Medical Waste Managment) - We are not insensitive to the needs of the enviornment. We are a part of government certified Bio - Medical waste managment company to dispose clinical waste. (Mercury Free Dentistry) Mercury in dental clinics can lead various ailments like mental depression, heart disease, chronic fatique, Allergies etc. Due to all there hazards,We have become totally Mercury free.
  3. TIME MANAGEMENT - We respect your time. We know the value of keeping on schedule and make every effort to do so. Every appointment is a reservation for that individual. If an appointment need to be re scheduled, our request is to kindly inform us 24 hrs in advance .This allows us time to contact a patient that may require that time.
K.B. Dental Clinic provides gentle & afordable Dental Care for your family!
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