What is it?

A tooth which is decayed or loose because of caries or gum disease has to be extracted (taken out of your mouth). Teeth are sometimes taken out from child’s mouth to help erupting teeth grow straight, (on advice of an orthodontist).

Reasons of tooth extraction:-

  • The tooth is severely decayed.
  • Advanced periodontal disease (“gum disease”)
  • A fractured tooth which can’t be repaired
  • Other teeth may need removal because they are poorly positioned in the mouth (impacted tooth)
  • Preparation for orthodontic treatment


What will the dentist do?

A local anaesthetic (a small prick in your mouth) will be used to numb the surrounding areas of the tooth. In child anxious patients, sedation (something to keep you relaxed) with a local anaesthetic may be used. Once the area is numb using the adequate instrument the dentist will remove the tooth.

While the tooth is being taken out:

You may hear some noise and feel pressure as the tooth is being eased out — but you should not feel pain. Sometimes stitches are put into the gum to minimise post extraction bleeding, to make the area more comfortable and help it heal quickly.


You may need a day or so off from work to recover, depending on how difficult the extraction was. Most people experience very little post-operative discomfort. The dentist will ensure that bleeding has stopped before you leave the practice.

The dentist will give you post-operative instructions which have to be followed sincerely.

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