Comprehensive Oral examination

Good dental treatment is based on comprehensive oral examination. The dentist does the brief and extensive evaluation recording intraorally and extraorally to get a close view of your teeth, gums and mouth.  If you have pain or immediate problem the dentist deals with it first and then proceeds for cleaning or treatment. The sequence of the treatment depends on your dental health.

Take charge of your oral health

At K.B. Dental the dentist/ Hygienist make sure that you are comfortable and aware of what is going on at all the times. If it is your first visit dentist may do a brief examination to determine any obvious problem and then you are set for the professional cleaning/further treatment.   Poor oral health is linked to diabetes, high blood pressure, gum disease, systemic disorders like arthritis, heart problems, etc. Through proper evaluation of your oral health dentist can reduce the possibility of conditions which may risk your overall health. Many dental problems are simple to treat if diagnosed at an early stage.      

Comprehensive Oral examination includes 

  1. General information: Your medical history, personal information, concerns regarding dental issues, diet, allergic conditions or previous dental treatment which has been undertaken are recorded and discussed with you. We will also discuss medications you are currently taking which may impact the prognosis,  progression and management of your oral health.
  2. Extra-oral Examination: Facial  Symmetry, lip competency, Jaw joint and lymph nodes are  assessed
  3. Dental health assessment: Your overall dental health, oral hygiene methods for teeth cleaning,  tooth/root decay, Gum disease are assessed. Possible cavities or need of replacement for tooth is checked.
  4. Bite assessment: How the teeth fit together are examined by your bite and jaw. The teeth are also checked for chipping and food lodgement.
  5. Soft tissue examination: Your palate, tongue, floor of the mouth and oral mucosal tissues are examined for any abnormality.
  6. Restoration examination: All existing restorations like  crowns, veneers, fixed bridges, removable dentures, fillings,  implants will be checked.
  7. Dental X-rays: Initial radiographs, extraoral and intraoral pictures will be made depending on the requirements. CT scan is advised if needed.
  8. Bleeding and Mobility: The teeth and gums are checked for bleeding and mobility.
  9. Stains and Deposits: Stains and deposits from your teeth are thoroughly removed.
  10. Lesson on Oral Hygiene: We make sure that you understand how to properly  brush your teeth and provide you with written oral hygiene instructions.

Most important part of quick examination is when the dentist/ hygienist or both will discuss your oral health including all the risks of cavity gum disease or any other  problems which has been diagnosed at this time. We will give you the recommendation for prevention and also the tips which you can practice at home for optimal oral health. This includes oral hygiene instructions and helpful tools.

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